CVA| Corporate Venturing Association is an international organization designed to foster collaboration between innovative corporates and capital markets in order to boost corporate venturing activities and develop new industry initiatives

CVA Corporate Venturing Association brings together venture capital investors, entrepreneurs and industry partners to shape public policy priorities to develop new industry initiatives, to provide premium research and to participate in professional development opportunities with their peers. 

By connecting cross vertical knowledge at a global scale, the CVA helps members to accelerate their investment and technology strategy. If you are a CVC firm or Corporate looking to invest in sophisticated technology industries or aiming to embed co-investors - CVA is the network to merge these different worlds.  The CVA can help you learn from case studies and connect you with best practices in your market. 

Corprate venture capitalists and innovative companies are no longer playing second fiddle to financial VCs – not in concept and not in practice. 

Successful CVC programs today look very different from their predecessors.  They are firmly integrated into the corporate structure, adding value both within the company and to the external innovators in whom they invest. Like traditional VCs, they also are embedded in the larger ecosystem, inviting other CVC programs, sharing best practices, and even sharing deal flow. For these mature CVC programs, it is clear that common questions of the past about whether they can provide tangible value to start-ups and to the corporates and take their place within the financial VC-driven ecosystem have been put to rest. 

Corporates can offer start-ups deep technology expertise, deep industry acumen and connections, access to large customers, and many other benefits, CVCs can and should contribute more to their ecosystems and  outperform their financial VC counterparts in the future.

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